The Hunt for Big Bucks

I have never met a #deerhunter that does not want to see and have the chance at a Big Buck.  Well what can be done to help make this happen?  Here is some tips that we use to put the odds in our favor.

First and most important, where are you hunting?  Did you choose a food source, water source, main travel corridor or a bedding area?  Any of these four choices are a solid choice but it needs to make sense to get in and out of undetected.  Using scent control is super important and should always be the top priority in your mind.  We use and have great success with the scent line from Rack Getter Scents and Lures

Second, we use #minerals all year.  These minerals not only attract the deer but they give them the nutrition they need to recover / prepare for the harsh winter and running during the #rut.  Minerals can be used anytime of the year, our go to is the Campbell Girls Deer Sauce!  It just doesn't attract them but provides them with everything they need for superior health and antler growth. 

Third, is hanging your stands and cutting your shooting lanes.  This needs a lot of attention and be cautious not to change the area a lot.  Remember your in the Whitetails home, if someone came into your home and rearranged your house, would you notice?  To the point, only cut and trim what you need to make the shots you need to.  After your stand is set PRACTICE your shots in this area, take your target out before the season and shoot from your stand using the lanes that you have provided yourself.  We use a target that is light and movable, it also glows in the dark, which allows us to shoot in low light situations too.  Kryptolight Targets . Practice your shots with your actual Broadhead that your going to hunt with as well.  We have found that the Crimson Talon Broadheads leave incredible cuts and blood trails, they also fly exactly like your practice tips.  Click here

Fourth, in the beginning of October although the bucks are still in their bachelor groups, they will start to "toy" with each other.  They will start to make Scrapes and Spar with each other.  We use the Preorbital Gland Lure for the branch/Limb accompanied with Rutz Up Lure for the actual ground under the licking branch.  Doing this will tell other Bucks that they do and will have competition this year for their Doe.  This will also increase your activity in your area making them think that there is other bucks trying to claim that area.

The importance is, have fun and hunt for you and you only.  If it is a trophy to you, harvest it and celebrate all your hard work!  Using these tips along with the products that we have proven effective, will work in your favor.  Hunt hard and learn your deer in your area, it will pay off.  Have fun and be safe!


Next up is the Rut and Rattling / Calling the Whitetails!  Stay tuned...

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